Modular Structures

Workforce Housing

Helping your crew live comfortably in remote areas

A happy workforce is a more productive and stable workforce; but the inconvenience and isolation of living away from home for weeks, even months, at a time can take its toll.

To help workers maintain a healthy routine and quality of life, workforce accommodations are now built with more modern convenience than ever before, giving workers a stronger sense of comfort and warmth.

Give your employees the convenience and comforts of home while staying close to the jobsite. Whether it's a small room for a few or major camp facilities for a larger group, we help you provide the best facilities for your teams, from comfortable and clean accommodation to great recreational facilities. We have prefab housing solutions that work with your project's scope, timeline and budget for hire or purchase.

For long-term projects, we can provide you with complete construction villages, incorporating sleeping quarters, recreation amenities, dining facilities, common areas and administrative offices.

Your people are the key to your success. We help you look after them.

  • Accommodation Villages

    When you work closely with a big group, peace and quiet is a much-needed change of pace at the end of the day. Provide your team an inviting home to escape to, accompanied by the comfort of additional facitlites for a convenient, healthy and social lifestyle. 

  • Accommodation Rooms

    Hotels may be out of reach, but a self-contained room with a robust exterior and high-end interiors can be an excellent solution for your remote workforce accommodation needs. Expandable and available in different configurations, there's a design that's right for your project. 

  • Kitchen and Diner

    Remote work sites may not be culinary hubs, but you can certainly find healthy and fresh meals from our professional commercial kitchens and diners. They can include as few or as many elements as you need to accommodate the scope of your project and size of your workforce, keeping everyone nourished and on schedule.

  • Recreation

    Even with physically demanding jobs, your workers need downtime and exercise for mental and physical fitness. Provide the recreation amenities your workforce needs to maintain work-life balance and achieve higher productivity. For a small team, you can set up a simple fitness centre with cardio and weight training equipment. For a larger workforce, consider installing a complete gymnasium with sports courts and more.

  • Prefabricated Modular Homes

    Practical and stylish, ATCO’s newly renovated two-bedroom prefab homes are a cost effective self-contained living space solution that can be used in a variety of ways.