Modular Structures

Permanent Modular Construction

Offsite modular construction offers efficiencies over in-situ

Adapt to changing real estate demands with permanent modular buildings that combine the durability of stick built structures with the flexibility of modular. Permanent structures manufactured in a controlled environment are quick to construct, durable and still allow for contemporary design. They are ideal for offices, classrooms, sporting and healthcare facilities.

We specialise in modular residential and office buildings with the architectural aesthetic of an in-situ construction, delivering outside-the-box, custom designed buildings and villages for the most specific requirements.

With the advantages of a guaranteed faster build, assured high quality, and efficiency control, modular is the intelligent construction solution. It offers you choice of materials, flexible design and greater collaboration to produce innovative and sophisticated permanent buildings rivalling any traditional counterpart.



ATCO’s modular buildings can be adapted to suit any commercial purpose including sales office, warehouses or administrative logistics. 

Whether you are looking for additional shop front, back office support or additional industrial park office space, ATCO has the solution for you. 


Specialising in correctional services, emergency services, education, health & immigration facilities, ATCO delivers bespoke innovatively designed modular complexes and project construction services to ensure a solution to meet your specific needs. ATCO is a direct supplier to Australian federal, state and local governments.


ATCO’s modular buildings can be adapted to suit sporting facilities. At ATCO, we specialise in designing, manufacturing, transporting and turnkey installation of custom modular solutions which achieve the architectural aesthetic of an in-situ construction.


ATCO provides everything required to create a positive learning environment. Whether temporary or permanent, our classrooms and education facilities are furnished with contemporary interiors, available for purchase or hire, and can be built quickly with minimum disruption to meet your timeline.