Space Rentals

Mobile Site Offices and buildings

Construction site amenities and offices, ablutions and trailers that go where you go

When you need temporary site amenities, offices, classrooms, lunch rooms, or ablution blocks, for sale or hire, we can guide you to the right modular solutions. With one of the largest rental fleets of modular buildings in Australia, we serve a variety of industries, including construction, mining, government, education, oil and gas, health care and commercial.

  • Site Offices and Complexes

    Buy or hire modern and versatile site accommodations, from relocatable standard site offices to large transportable complexes. They can be customised to your specifications for layout, size and location, and furnished and configured in the most suitable way for your project. 

  • Toilets, Ablutions and Changerooms

    Maintain sanitation standards even in remote places with transportable toilet and ablution blocks. Easily transportable and mobilised, the toilet and shower blocks provide a safe and convenient place for your workers' hygienic needs.

  • Custom Built Modular Complexes

    ATCO designs & manufactures modular complexes that are expandable and customisable to suit any need. These are perfect for permanent offices added to your facility in an industrial estate or for set ups where a future relocation may be required.

  • First Aid Facilities

    We provide kitted out first aid facilities fitted with double doors and appropriate equipment enabling you to respond when required. 


  • Lunch Rooms

    Workers having a space to rest or catch up with colleagues and the latest news is important during breaks. Good quality facilities result in a more satisfied workforce.

  • Used Buildings

    Our used modular units have been well-maintained, having undergone rigorous re-servicing to ensure their integrity is upheld, and offer significant savings over buying brand new. 

    Our inventory is always changing so check back often. We have a large range of second-hand site sheds, offices and accommodation. Contact the branch nearest to find the most updated inventory and specs. 

  • Modular Classrooms

    Create a positive learning experience for students of any education level with portable classrooms and schools. These can be quickly set up and delivered to the places they are needed most, to ensure uninterrupted class time.

  • Trailer Mount Units

    Our trailer-mounted units combine the durability and mobility you need for a complete office solution, including kitchen, office space and toilet, anywhere. Our premium trailer-mounted units feature heavy duty suspension system, hybrid chassis, aluminum frames and sleek interiors.