Workforce Housing

Disaster and Emergency Management


When an emergency or disaster strikes, ATCO is always there to help municipalities, provinces and federal entities to provide temporary accommodation and administration facilities while recovery efforts are occurring. 

Our kitchen units for feeding emergency response workers, wash cars and facilities for gaining sanitation services on site, and temporary beds can and have been deployed to many locations near and far. We specialize in ensuring quick and comfortable facilities in all seasons and climates. 


As extreme weather events like floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. become a concern around the globe, it's more important than ever to ensure that your emergency response plan is ready to be implemented for when disaster strikes. 

We are a valued partner in emergency response across the world. We have supported in responding to many events like the wild fires in Australia and in Alberta Canada, earthquake in Pakistan, Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria, floods in California, and many more. We work with municipalities, provincial and federal governments, and NATO's global operations.

Whether you are preparing an emergency plan, planning for an emergency event, need training, or are responding to an immediate disaster relief, we are here to help. 

Set up and life at Tuscan Ridge Lodge

Learn more about how a temporary emergency relief camp is set up in response to a disaster. In this case, the Tuscan Ridge Lodge was quickly mobilized and subsequently operated for the 2019 recovery efforts after the devastating wildfires in Paradise, California. 

This project was a nine-month contract with ECC Constructors LLC (ECC) to provide workforce housing and camp support services. Key to the contract was ATCO's ability to rapidly set up the 1,500-person camp that supported ECC as they undertook the incredible feat of cleaning up and restoring the environment in the area.








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