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Workforce Housing

Temporary Modular Living Quarters For Any Industry

Living and working far from friends, family and the comforts of home can be tough for your people. We know the importance of providing them with a home away from home. That’s why we offer fully serviced accommodations that cater to both the practical side of your business and the wellbeing of your team.

Remote job sites don’t always have accommodations nearby, so you need flexible, custom housing options that work with your location, size of workforce, budget and timeline. From temporary construction camps to permanent operating facilities and everything in between, our turnkey workforce accommodations offer a comfortable and enjoyable space to live throughout the lifecycle of your project. 

Our Products

  • Drill Camps

    Adjust the size of your accommodations based on the size of your team. Our modular drill camps combine bedroom, washcar, kitchen and dining, and recreation units to create a custom complex that works for you and your crew. 

  • Wellsite Trailers

    For engineers to rig managers, we offer practical and stylish living quarters for the field. Our rugged wellsite trailers feature contemporary interiors, practical workspaces, complete kitchens, and are transportable to be right where you need them. 

  • Dormitories and Sleeper Units

    Whether it’s a small team or a workforce of hundreds, your people get the rest and relaxation they need. Our dormitories can include ensuite bathrooms, Jack-and-Jill bathrooms or shared bathrooms, depending on your needs.

  • Kitchen and Diner Units

    Whether it’s a light chicken dinner with salad in the summer or a hearty bowl of chili in Canada’s Arctic, the food your team craves can be prepared wherever they are with our relocatable kitchens that are designed for remote locations.

  • Recreation Facilities

    Living in the field isn’t just about work. Recreation and fitness facilities are both important in keeping your people sharp. No matter where your job takes you, staying fit and having fun can be a relaxing part of your day.

  • Crew Quarters

    Heavy duty self-contained living quarters for your crew on the oilfield.

Our Experience

Camp Management Services

We offer turnkey solutions to operate and maintain your workforce housing facility.