Permanent Modular Construction

Why Modular

Why Modular

  • History

    Visit our history page to learn more about how ATCO came to being and has developed into this International group of companies over the more than seven decades since its inception. 

    At one point or the other, we have operated, conducted business or managed projects in most countries in the world. 

  • Benefits of Modular

    Give us the opportunity to tell you why modular is the better way to build and the benefits you can expect to get when your building is built this way. ATCO has been a pioneer in modular construction for many decades.  

  • Featured Projects

    In this section you will find a variety of project profiles to give you a sense of the kind of work we do. In it you will find further details of the project. This section will be constantly updated with new projects as they take place in the many geographies and communities we operate and serve. 

  • Stories

    Here are a sample of stories that we would like to share regarding special situations and remarkable accomplishments.