Modular Buildings

Schools, Classrooms and Daycares

Schools, Classrooms, and Daycares

ATCO believes that the school is more than just a building. We believe that schools are the heartbeat of any community and act as the social and cultural hub. Schools need to have the ability to grow, shrink, and evolve in line with the community. 

The average child spends over 15,000 hours inside a school by the time they graduate, second only to time spent in their home. Our youth need every opportunity to succeed and that begins with a healthy learning environment. Providing students with well-lit, comfortable, and quiet learning environments leads to improved academic results.  

We seamlessly integrate traditional core school construction with our classrooms to provide schools with a healthier atmosphere that is more conducive to learning.

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Benefits of BUILDING Modular

  • Minimal Campus Disruption
    • We recognise that education facilities are learning environments, not construction sites. Building modules off-site in a quality-controlled facility reduces school interruptions.
  • Reduced Overall Build Program
    • Manufacturing commences before the site is ready. Site preparation occurs concurrently delivering your new learning spaces sooner.
  • High Quality Finish
    • Materials and Fabrics used in modular buildings are the same as those used in traditional construction. With the added benefit of building in an indoor, quality-controlled environment this results in delivering quality finishes and workmanship.
  • Relocatable
    • Modular buildings can be relocated, providing you the ability to address short-term needs without significant impact to the school surroundings.
  • Increased Flexibility in placement of building location
    • Traditional civil and earthworks challenges are reduced when working on hillsides, creating more options for usable land.
  • Ability to Repurpose or Refurb
    • The modular construction methodology results in ease of access to services & layout reconfiguration, enabling you to keep up with current trends in learning environment layouts and use of technologies.


The ATCO Advantage

Professional – Reliable – Supporting Innovative Pedagogical Outcomes - Whole Project Capability

ATCO delivers sustainable modular classroom solutions. Thoughtfully designed to improve learning outcomes, our facilities are environmentally responsible and deliver better value for schools over the long term.

Our success is in our execution.  From design concept to completion, our team works with you to ensure we understand your goals, challenges, and opportunities.  We draw upon our 70 years of construction experience and our talented workforce, and we leverage our innovative modular design-build techniques to manufacture, transport, and install a full turnkey product within your project timeline, specifications, and budget.  In short, we’re not happy until you’re happy.


Building Types Include

  • Libraries
  • Multistorey
  • Kindergartens
  • Cafeterias
  • Science Laboratories
  • Washrooms and Amenities
  • Art and Computer Labs
  • Administration Buildings
  • After Care Facilities
  • Childcare Centers
  • Classrooms / Learning Centers
  • Home Economics and Arts Facilities



  • Multiple external designs to tie into existing school surrounds
  • Maximised use of fresh air and natural light for optimized learning
  • Open areas for flexibility in use of space
  • Robust linings for ease of maintenance
  • Modern and sustainable finishes  with beneficial acoustic properties

Our Experience


ATCO Structuress is proud to be a member of the following associations.  With over 76 years of experience in modular buildings, we pride ourselves as experts in the education sector.  From full turnkey schools, to classrooms to daycares, we know how to build education facilities for educators and scholars alike.