Permanent Modular Construction

Medical Centers

Medical buildings for a healthy community

Healthy communities are built on the shoulders of healthy members. We have supported many communities in providing the spaces required to assist all aspects of healthy community living.

Whether your need is temporary or permanent we have the capabilities to design and construct medical buildings testing facilities and triage space where and when you need. Our modular design build services focused on health care to ensure that your custom solution will be delivered quickly and safely to meet all the requirements of the community it’s servicing.  

The right solution means a healthier community, let us provide a solution today. 

We can provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Emergency Medical Facilities with Accommodations
  • Homeless Protection
  • First Aid Stations
  • First Responder Substations
  • Temporary Testing Facilities
  • Remedial Care Spaces
  • Medical Offices
  • Flexible Treatment Spaces


The right solution means a healthier community, let us provide a solution today.

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Our approach to building the Montreal Heart Institute


Every project is a unique collection of challenges, but some buildings need even more specialization, even more precision. Sometimes there just isn’t any room for error. Good thing we never tolerate any.

In 2018, the Montreal Heart Institute started a major expansion project, adding an emergency cardiac care unit and other significant upgrades. To maintain its critical care services, we built and installed a temporary emergency building with all the technical components the institute needed. It’s an enormous showcase of our attention to detail and ability to meet the exacting standards of a highly technical facility.

Montreal Heart Institute Project Highlight

This 42-unit building, which acts as an emergency and external clinic while the hospital undergoes expansion incorporates numerous safety and highly specialized features that show exemplary innovation.