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Hurricane Laura: Relief Response

  • ATCO | Profile: Hurricane Relief Laura

    ATCO responded with temporary accommodation during hurricane relief for devastated areas.

    accommodations and critical services

    Living up to ATCO values our team went outside traditional markets, identifying client needs and acting quickly, offered a solution that met their need but was outside their typical comfort zone.

    This project was in response to housing requirements for FEMA and National Guard personnel following Hurricane Laura’s beating. This is the first time FEMA has proceeded with hard walled structures, typically they procure tents,however the availability of product and ASL’s quick response were key in procuring this contract.

    The necessity of procuring fleet units from multiple locations across the US, required careful project management to effectively meet the emergency delivery date and large number of beds required. Multiple teams were deployed to ensure the client was satisfied with our response and that all processes flowed smoothly.

    Project Highlights


    Date:  September to December 2020

    Location:  Lake Charles, LA & Mobile Alabama

    Square Footage:  304,000 sq. ft.

    Client:  Cotton Logistics

    End Client:  FEMA


    • 1500 beds 
    • 360 units from multiple locations
    • Predominantly 5-person sleepers

    Category:  Disaster Relief

    Hurricane Laura External
    Hurricane Laura Kitchen
    Hurricane Laura Bedroom
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