Permanent Modular Construction

Sports Facilities & Community Centres

Improve Your Team’s Wellness and Productivity

Recreational facilities aren’t luxuries, they are necessities, especially in remote locations, where your crew lives in close quarters. Providing access to entertainment and high-quality fitness facilities is essential to their wellbeing. 

No matter the size of your accommodations or your workforce, our recreation facilities can be tailored to suit your needs.

Give your staff a selection of practical and accessible facilities like:

  • Fitness centres that include cardio exercise equipment, free weights and machines
  • Game rooms with pool tables, videos, foosball and table tennis and golf simulators
  • TV lounges or movie theatres
  • Full-size gymnasiums with basketball and squash courts or soccer fields
  • Running tracks

Permanent Modular Construction

Community Centres

Helping communities build for the future

Every community building we construct is a reflection of the unique community it’s designed for. From high volume community centres for large gatherings to small auxiliary rooms that are home to monthly book club meetings, to arenas and gymnasiums that provide healthy living spaces and additional gathering spaces, our structures are purpose-built for the needs of your community through an integrated project delivery process that promotes collaboration and input from key stakeholders. We take pride in helping communities build places that promote a strong sense of belonging.

Planned for long-term use and constructed to adapt and evolve with the community, we also provide operational support and maintenance training to staff to ensure the centre runs smoothly for years to come. Let us become part of your community today.



Fisher River Cree Community Centre

Working closely with Fisher River Cree Nation, we collaborated on the design and construction of their community centre, and maximized local participation.