Permanent Modular Construction

Residential Housing

Residential housing to address the housing needs

Our residential home is designed to help solve the challenges faced by prospective homeowners in Canada. With a housing market challenged by affordability, accessibility to entry level homes, access to skilled workforce, and fluctuating materials costs, building modular can support quicker and reliable access to affordable homes. With an indoor, controlled manufacturing environment, ATCO can deliver a consistent, quality product.

With our 75 year history of specializing in modular construction, ATCO Structures is pleased to unveil a prototype modular home designed to service entry level markets with the ability to be delivered to communities in need across Canada. This particular home features;

  • 890 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms
  • full kitchen and living room
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • washer and dryer


If you are a developer, government agency, municipality, indigenous group, insurance agency or non-for-profit organization looking to implement affordable solutions to the housing needs of your communities, we can work to provide fit for purpose solutions for you. And whether the need is for young couples or families, seniors looking to downsize or the unfortunately forced relocation of people due to emergency, these homes can provide the shelter and comforts needed for short or long term.

Larger models are currently under design.

The right solution for our communities means a healthier community, let us provide a solution today.

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Residential Housing Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Residential Housing Living
Living Room
Residential Housing Kitchen
Residential Housing Second Bedroom
Second Bedroom
Residential Housing Third Bedroom
Third Bedroom
Residential Housing Hallway