Permanent Modular Construction

Affordable Housing Buildings

Innovative solutions to the housing crisis

Today, more than ever, many Canadians are struggling to afford to have a place they can call home.  We are working with governments and not-for-profit agencies to overcome challenges that often stall affordable housing projects. 

ATCO is a trusted partner with tailored solutions that can transform the lives of seniors, the homeless, Indigenous families, and our veterans in need of living options.  

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Extend your budget, extend a hand.

Why choose ATCO for your next affordable housing project?

We are modular construction industry pioneers

We know modular construction.  In fact, ATCO is an industry pioneer with over 70 years of experience. We have successfully executed billions of dollars in modular construction projects around the world.

We are driven to continually find ways to enhance our products.  We have the expertise to provide high-performing buildings that use renewable energy to reduce operating costs for decades.

Project development ease. Reduce headaches and risk

We engage and collaborate with stakeholders early in the process to design comfortable and efficient living spaces.  We leverage our innovative modular design-build techniques to deliver turnkey building projects faster and easier. Our products are built indoors in a safe, quality-controlled environment by an experienced workforce to meet your project specifications—without the headaches.

Project cost certainty

Our building process avoids project cost overruns by implementing predictable scheduling and project execution plans which improve on-site labour efficiencies, minimize on-site delays, and reduce material waste.

Move in quicker and minimize site disruptions

Modular construction can be 40% faster than traditional site-built construction, allowing for quicker move-in dates. Since a substantial portion of our construction happens offsite in our indoor manufacturing facility, our project sites are cleaner and quieter compared to traditional site-built construction techniques.  We are on site for a shorter duration resulting in less disruption to the neighbourhood.  

Count on ATCO to get the job done

We strive for lasting relationships with our clients that are based on mutual respect, trust, quality, integrity, and results. We are proud of ATCO’s reputation for getting the job done. 


Canada’s National Housing Strategy

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Alberta Affordable Housing Program

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Spaces For Living

Student Dorms

Where Learning and Living Meet

Academic campuses continue to grow in both student populations and their expectations. Attracting students to campus is dependent on having the right accommodations available. We understand these pressures and can quickly turn a challenge into a competitive edge for your school. 

Our designers and project team collaborate with program providers early in the project to understand all aspects of student life from intake through their academic careers. We will guide your team through an integrated project delivery approach using innovative modular design build techniques to design and build the perfect spaces to foster a living-learning environment that promotes individual and group development.  

Modular construction further helps academic leaders by reducing the overall construction schedule allowing for facilities that are ready when the students arrive. Projects can be completed in under a year from concept to completion to coincide with the academic calendar. Modular projects significantly reduce our time on site often allowing for all site construction to be completed during the summer months. 


Trinity Western University Student Residence


As the perfect backdrop for students' development, the three-storey complex was designed closely with the school's administration, including those who manage student life.

Not only does the 47-modular unit, 33,000 sq. ft. complex accommodate the increased enrollment at the university, it helps students develop lasting relationship, and takes into consideration the different points of interaction, right down to students' morning routines.

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