Permanent Modular Construction

Modular Buildings

Modular building construction offers efficiencies

Permanent modular buildings combine the durability of traditional built structures with the flexibility of modular. Permanent structures manufactured in a controlled environment are faster to build, durable and still allow for architectural modern design. They are ideal for offices, sports facilities, hotels, multi-story housing buildings, schools and daycares, and healthcare facilities.

We specialize in modular buildings with the architectural aesthetic of an on-site type construction, delivering out-of-the-box, custom buildings and complexes for the most demanding requirements.

With the advantages of a faster build, high quality, and efficiency, modular is the better construction solution. It offers you choice of flexible design, collaboration and a wide range of materials to produce innovative permanent buildings competing with traditional methods.


Classrooms and daycares

From facilities for adult learning and continuing education to corporate training centres, modular classrooms are the perfect fit. We can customize your design to include technology for complete networking and electronic whiteboards, and we provide wide-open floor plans for multi-purpose use.

Whether you need a complete school, or just some additional space, we're here to help. We can provide permanent modular school solutions for-long term requirements.

We provide everything required to create a positive learning environment. Whether temporary or permanent, our classrooms and education facilities are furnished with contemporary interiors, available for purchase or rent, and can be built quickly with minimum disruption to meet your timeline.

Modular Offices and Commercial Spaces

Specializing in office and commercial spaces, ATCO delivers innovatively designed modular complexes and project construction services to ensure a the solution will meet your needs. 


ATCO’s modular buildings can be adapted to suit any health care facility from temporary additions and clinics to full sized hospitals and extensions.  

Whether you are looking for additional or permanent space, ATCO has the solution for your needs. 


ATCO’s modular buildings are very suitable for sporting facilities. These facilities have pleasing aesthetics. We specialize in the design, manufacture, transportation and installation of modular solutions. 

Affordable Housing Buildings

ATCO develops affordable housing projects for governments and non-for-profit agencies to overcome the challenges faced by these organizations. We ensure the design and project meets the client's expectations, conforms to local standards and is a building that forms part of the community. 

ATCO is a trusted partner with tailored solutions that can transform the lives of seniors, the homeless, Indigenous families, and our veterans in need of living options.  

Residential Housing

ATCO develops residential housing for developers, construction companies, indigenous groups and governments and non-for-profit agencies to reduce the current housing crisis in Canada. We ensure the design is affordable and easy to deploy while maintaining high standards of quality.  

ATCO seeks to achieve a comfortable and well-designed building that will last for many year and that can be a home to many starting couples/families and seniors looking to downsize. The standard house is also a great solution for disaster recovery and people that have been forced to leave their home.