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Rapid Structures

Space Rentals

Rapid Roof

Secure Covered Storage Space

Think outside the box. Beyond office trailers and sea cans, our Rapid Roof® cover system can create space quickly between shipping containers.

The steel roof comes in various sizes that fit along the length of two Conex shipping containers, whether they are 20’ or 40’ long. The roof can be mounted on the inside or outside wall of the containers to create extra temporary storage and sheltered outdoor space that can be used as:

  • Worksite equipment storage
  • Retail storage
  • Workshops
  • Cover for farming equipment
  • Sheltered special event space

Optional features like fencing and gates can be added to enhance security. Any industry can benefit from the versatility of the Rapid Roof® container cover system.

How our Rapid Roof® works

Our Rapid Roof® system is a combination of our trademark clear span roof section, positioned between two storage containers to create an area for maintenance, fabrication or welding shops at construction sites.

Space Rentals

Fold-A-Way Metal Buildings

Easy-To-Assemble Metal Structures

Adding a relocatable prefabricated steel building to your site is easy. Our expandable Fold-A-Way® buildings can be assembled to form any length you need for building, with door and wall configurations (including cargo doors) that suit your needs.

Prefabricated metal buildings come in 24’, 32’, 40’ and 60’ wide sections that let you customize the size of the building.

Our Fold-A-Way® pre-fabricated buildings are great for:

  • Warehouses
  • Firehalls
  • Garages
  • Large and industrial equipment storage
  • First-aid shelters
  • Repair and maintenance shops


Customize the building to your exact specifications with the following options:

  • Lighting packages
  • Heating packages
  • Coloured cladding
  • Interior lining
  • Insulation
  • Windows and doors
  • Lifting slings
Space Rentals

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Strong and Contemporary Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Whether you want to build a sports arena, a warehouse or a mechanical shop, our pre-engineered steel buildings can be customized to meet your needs. Even in remote locations with extreme weather conditions, our pre-engineered metal buildings can deliver the insulation and acoustical standards you need.

Our prefabricated steel buildings offer an open indoor space with high ceilings that can be used in a variety of ways, including as recreational buildings or in industrial applications. 

Here are just a few examples of how these structures can be used:

  • Firehalls
  • Hockey arenas or skating rinks
  • Modern multipurpose recreation centres with basketball courts, running track, swimming pools and other fitness facilities
  • Indoor soccer field, paintball arenas or tennis courts
  • Indoor golf driving range
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Gas manufacturing plants
  • Power plant facilities


Customize your pre-engineered metal building with change rooms, washrooms, offices, meeting rooms, storage areas, shops and retail space.

Choose from a variety of metal buildings including: 

  • Conventional metal buildings
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Hybrid (conventional and pre-engineered)
  • Portable metal buildings
  • Portable metal roof canopy
  • Metal equipment enclosures to cover assets from the elements