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Blast-resistant Modular Buildings

Keeping Your People Safe

Oilfield and industrial sites can be dangerous, especially during turnaround season. While you can’t let your guard down, you can feel confident knowing our blast-resistant buildings, built in partnership with Hunter Buildings, are on your worksite. These innovative structures are designed to withstand the hazards of oil and gas operations, petrochemical refineries or military and defence settings.

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Stay safely away from explosions

Bring safety to your project quickly and easily with relocatable blast-resistant modules. Whether it's conference rooms or control rooms, facilities near processing units need to be secure in the event of an accident.

Our blast shelters, built in partnership with Hunter Buildings, are tested to meet 8-PSI blast and are certified by the American Petroleum Institute. 

Blast Shelters test

ATCO-Hunter blast resistant buildings are tested to meet 8-PSI blast. Here's what the test looks like.

Protect your people from toxic gases

Explosions aren’t the only risk at petrochemical refineries. Toxic gases and acidic components also need to be managed. To protect your people, our blast-resistant modules can function as decontamination buildings where protective gear is cleaned by industrial-grade steam washers and dryers, boot dryers and face protection dryers.

A modular blast-resistant decontamination facility reduces the scope of work, complications and building time required compared with site-built facilities. 


Regulatory compliance and cost reduction

Not only do blast-resistant modules keep your team safe, they bolster productivity. This reduces operating costs and helps you become regulatory compliant to meet your business needs.

Blast-resistant modules can be configured into:

  • Control rooms
  • Decontamination facilities
  • Operator shelters
  • Zone shops and tool cribs
  • Offices
  • Labs
  • Lavatories
  • Guard booths

Stay in control with blast-resistant buildings

Together with Hunter Buildings, we built a blast-resistant facility that includes a control room, offices, conference room, a kitchen and change facilities.