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  • Which Modular Office is Right for You?

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    Finding the right modular office doesn't have to be hard. Just consider these four tips to help you choose.

    4 things to consider to help you find the right office

    While stories about basement or garage tech startups may seem encouraging to those who prefer a minimal office space, the truth is, the right office can help further your business’s success by leaps and bounds; housing all tools and equipment needed for the job, providing a space for employees to perform without distractions, streamlining complementary tasks and functions, and even lifting employee morale. Finding the right office building doesn’t have to be difficult either. With modular construction, you can build an office of any size and configuration you want, where you want it. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a new office.



    A space isn’t just a space. It facilitates your work so you get more done, faster. With that in mind, your office should be built to your purpose, whether that means generating sales at a retail office, fostering a collaborative office culture, or giving a place for workers on the field to get administrative work done.

    When getting office trailers, consider how you will be using the space, and we will work with you to build them to your goal, from a multi-unit complex to individual office units located separately within one job site or across multiple sites.

    Small presentation and sales centres can benefit from the high-end finishes of  our Signature Series modular units, while a simple office trailer can be quickly deployed to your remote job site, and a custom modular complex can house a medium-sized business with amenities and incorporate the latest technology.

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    Location. Location. Location. This mantra isn’t only relevant to your home. It also applies to your office, where you spend most of your day. When it’s hard to look for an office at the right location that’s close to your project or customers, build one or have one transported exactly where it’s needed most to deliver the best service. And for your staff, the right location can help them reduce the commute and enjoy the neighbourhood, all of which point to a healthier workforce and culture.



    Configuration, layout, acoustics, finishes and lighting all impact productivity and should be considered carefully when choosing or building a new office. With modular construction, they can all be customized to your priorities.

    A busy open office might require robust sound proofing for meeting rooms, along with multiple breakout rooms; a steel container office is excellent for ad hoc office spaces in remote locations that require extra security; and a bright and modern sales office with upgraded lighting and flooring can help showcase your products and services.

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    Bigger isn’t always better. How you maximize the space to streamline the work within is key to your success.

    With modular buildings, whether it’s a single trailer or multiple joined trailer, you can build it to the size you need so there’s no wasted space or associated maintenance cost. With a small crew, you may need one or several site office trailers as administrative spaces and lunch rooms. For a large workforce, your building might be a custom complex that includes amenities like fitness centre and print shop. And for guardhouses and ticket offices, you might be interested in other custom solutions. And don’t neglect to plan for growth and contraction. Highly scalable, modular construction can help you weather any corporate or economic changes.