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  • Benefits of buying a used modular trailer

    signature series modular office

    Buying used modular trailers from the manufacturer can save you more than you think.

    Save more than you think from the manufacturer

    You work hard to stay on budget and reduce costs for your project or business. Maybe, one of those cost saving measures is buying a used office trailer or dormitory. Used trailers can be an economical alternative to buying new, but not all sources are the same. A simple search on any classifieds site will likely give you pages upon pages of results for office or sleeper trailers from independent sellers. 

    While budget is a big consideration, it shouldn't be the only driving factor. Buying used trailers from a trusted source like the manufacturer minimizes risks and potentially costs. Here's why.  

    Knowledge of product

    Risks of buying the wrong product is eliminated when you buy directly through the manufacturer who knows the product well, someone who can answer your questions regarding snow load, materials, floor plans, heating systems, potential retrofitting and other details.  

    Parts and accessories

    Not only does the team know what to look for when servicing the trailer, parts for the trailer can easily be ordered from the manufacturer, so you avoid the hassle of looking for compatible parts and accessories elsewhere, and avoid the risk of buying the wrong items.  


    Older trailer units may need more servicing. To keep it in good working order, you need someone who can perform the proper maintenance on your units, from retrofits to small repairs.  

    Fleet Availability

    Whereas private seller may have one, or even a few trailers (if you're lucky) available for purchase, trusted dealers and manufacturers have a network that they can tap in to in order to help you find the right one, even if they're at a different location.   

    Codes & Regulations

    You're in Northern Ontario and you found a used office trailer just across the provincial border in Manitoba. Sounds great, right? The trailer unit may be close to you in proximity, but each province has its own building codes, regulations and standards. Wind, snow load and seismic standards vary from province to province, and a trusted manufacturer can help you retrofit your unit to the safety level required in your area.  


    When you buy used office trailers from private sellers, you are responsible for the delivery. When you buy from ATCO, we can help you transport the trailer to the location you specify. Not only is this convenient, it also minimizes the chances of damaging the units in transit. 


    Visit our Used Buildings section or contact your local sales representative for more details.


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