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Project Profile

  • Saipoyi School Expansion


    The Kainai Board of Education engaged a local architect to design the new addition. Unfortunately, the schedule didn’t allow for the architecturally appealing addition to be built in a conventional in-situ way.  ATCO Sustainable Communities met with the Board to demonstrate how using pre-fabricated modular design and construction could shorten the timelines and provide the needed space for the students much sooner.  Staff and members of the Kainai Board of Education began working with ATCO to create a modular solution from the original design.  “That was a collaborative effort,” said Richard Fox, Kainai Board of Education Superintendent.  


    A major design consideration for the Board was that the new addition blends seamlessly with the existing structure, both inside and out.  Each of the four new classrooms has the capacity for up to 25 students, relieving the overcrowding situation, allowing for better access to teachers, and creating a more comfortable, productive learning environment for students.  By opting for modular construction from ATCO, the Kainai Board of Education cut two full months off their construction schedule. 



    Date:  2013 

    Location:  Standoff, Alberta 

    Client:  Kainai Board of Education 

    Category:  Education