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  • Every hero should have a home

    Every hero should have a home.

    Our journey to Evansdale, AB starts with Andy Ostrowski, ATCO Structures.

    To help provide a safe place to transition back into civilian life, we partnered with Homes For Heroes Foundation to build a tiny home village for veterans experiencing homelessness in Edmonton.


    Today and every day, we honour those who served to defend our freedom. In support of the Canadian military, we partnered with Homes For Heroes Foundation to provide safe housing for veterans who are experiencing homelessness.

    Every hero deserves a home.

    Members of our armed forces stood on guard for us, which is why we want to ensure every hero has a home. 

    As we prepare to unveil the Edmonton ATCO Veterans Village, Cameron Diggon, Homes For Heroes Foundation, reflects on the project's impact.

    A safe place to call home. 

    After two years of planning and construction, we are delighted to welcome 20 military heroes to their new homes at the ATCO Veterans Village in Edmonton.

    ATCO believes that everyone deserves a sense of place and belonging, especially those who fought for our freedom. Thank you, heroes!  

    New village in the community of Evanston in Edmonton, Alberta
    New village in the community of Evanston in Edmonton, Alberta

    Welcoming heroes home with Homes For Heroes Foundation

    Drawing on the success of Calgary’s ATCO Village, ATCO has teamed up once again with the Homes For Heroes Foundation​ to provide our expertise for their new project in Edmonton. ATCO helped design, build, manufacture, deliver and place the units on ATCO-supplied pile foundations.

    The new village houses 20 tiny homes for veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces. The tiny homes are approximately 290 square feet and come fully equipped with all the features of a larger home including a full kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, and a mechanical room. An office and a central amenity building can also be found on-site for residents to gather and socialize with each other.

    Each tiny home within the community is named after and in honour of one of our Canadian military heroes who died in combat. A plaque will be installed outside each home and members of the public will be encouraged to visit the community to learn more about these heroes.

    We look forward to welcoming 20 military heroes to their new homes in ATCO Veterans Village in the coming months.

    ATCO Village: Calgary, Alberta

    In November 2019 we leveraged our expertise in modular housing to build ATCO Village, a community of 15 tiny homes in Calgary for veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces.

    Building upon our long and proud history of supporting the Canadian military, we partnered with the Homes For Heroes Foundation, the McCann Family Foundation and the Canadian Legacy Project to provide housing and a robust support system for veterans who are experiencing homelessness. The community formed by these homes features a resource centre, community gardens and memorials to Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

    ATCO provided our expertise in the design, build, manufacture, delivery and placement of units on ATCO-supplied pile foundations. These tiny homes showcase ATCO’s urban design capabilities and will provide a home our military heroes will be proud to call their own – a small gesture when measured against their herculean sacrifice. In total, we have committed a $1.5 million gift-in-kind donation to support the Homes For Heroes Foundation.


    Date: Occupancy - November 2019

    Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

    Client: Homes For Heroes Foundation

    Square Footage: ~300 sq.ft. per unit

    Units: 15 units and a campus

    Features: Full kitchen and bathroom, queen-size bed/couch

    Category: Tiny Homes

    Homes for Heroes Bedroom
    Homes for Heroes Bathroom
    Homes for Heroes Living Room

    Curious about ATCO’s permanent modular construction services?

    A Very Merry Veterans Thank You - ATCO Christmas

    On Sunday, November 22, 2020, we celebrated ATCO Village’s one-year anniversary with a festive light display for the Village's veteran residents, complete with an ATCO employee drive-by to show our support and thanks.

    While extending a thank you to veterans during these challenging times is important, we also hoped to bring some cheer to all Calgarians, who were invited to enjoy the light display throughout the holiday season, while maintaining social distance.

    As an added holiday gift, ATCO matched $100,000 in donations made to Homes For Heroes Foundation in December 2020. This Foundation was developed in response to the growing number of military veterans who are facing crisis as they return to civilian life and find themselves on the path to homelessness.